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Moar is the best place for you to build and create live shows, grow your community and eventually earn money.

It’s the first platform of its kind and we are super excited to invite you to be one of our first users.

We want to help you grow your community. Book a session below to start your journey to becoming a Moar Partner (best part is it's all free)!

What Are Interactive Shows?

Interactive shows are where the audience play along with your content.


  • Run quiz shows and polls with you audience

  • Bring on members of the audience through their phones

  • Give out prizes

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Why Should I Stream in Beta?

We’re going to be focusing our resources on bringing new viewers into Moar meaning that you’ll be one of the first streamers they’ll see.


Streamers have to schedule their shows, meaning if you time it right, your show will be the only one running at that time.

How to Use Moar

  1. Create your show using and schedule it after uploading a show card.

  2. You scheduled show will appear on our homepage to all our users – with more recent shows appearing first (viewers can follow you from here).

  3. When it’s time, go live with your show and latest streams will get front place.

  4. Build your followers and more people will watch your shows! Viewers will get stubs for watching too.

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What are Stubs?

Stubs are Moars free in-app currency and can be earned by watching and interacting inside of shows.


They can be spent on cool in-app purchases like sticker packs which give you stickers to add to your collection!

Monetisation (Coming Soon)

Creators will be able to earn money through the purchase of digital gifts.


These gifts can be donated to the stream that’s running using the premium Moar currency.


Our Partners may even be given the opportunity to run shows for brands in the future and earn money for doing so.


Partner Program

Select creators on the platform will be made Moar partners!


If you make it you’ll get access to tons benefits including:

  • Even more revenue opportunities.

  • A verified badge on their profile.

  • Prioritised support.

  • And a little gift from us too!

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