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What is Moar?

Your new favourite thing
All jokes aside, Moar is a brand-new live platform for creating live interactive shows. We are creating tools that you will be able to use to interact and play with your audience and earn money in real-time on livestream!


When are we launching?

We are currently in a super-spicy-secret                 Closed Beta phase where we are building in public with a selected audience, which will gradually build over time. For the common folk, or everyone else, our Open Beta phase will be starting in 2022. (Pssst - you can reserve your username ahead of time on the home page.)


What's in it for me?

We want Moar to be the best it can possibly be, and in order to make that happen we need you! In return for your opinions and time, we want to reward our loyal community with cool stuff like merch, adding in requested features, and special privileges when the platform launches in 2022.


How do you stream on Moar?

Streaming on Moar will happen on our website - you won't need any software like OBS, Streamlabs or XSplit to stream on Moar, just a webcam, and your best creative ideas! 


How do you watch streams on Moar?

Moar is available to watch on our app!       Moar will be available to download from the App Store once we have launched.

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