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Getting set up on Moar

Moar is the best place for you to create live shows, grow your community and eventually earn money.

It’s the first platform of its kind and we are super excited to invite you to be one of our first users.

(Click here if you’d rather watch a video!)

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1. Download the App

To get started you need to download our app from the Apple App Store using the button below.

Then, create an account. This is the account you'll be using to go live from.

Here's a link to our Discord server too!

2. Access the Studio

Now you'll need to hop on your nearest computer and head on over to

You can then login with the account credentials you just made.

Moar Studio.png

3. Create a Test Show

Time to get creative. Using the tools on our studio you can create whatever show you want.

For now just create a really basic test show so you can figure out how it all works.

Don't schedule this show otherwise people may think it's a real show!

4. Test Your Setup

Head on over to the "Live Controls" menu inside the studio and go live with your test show.

We recommend running this test show so you can get used to all the live controls and features we have available.

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Tutorial Video


To read more about becoming a creator click here.

Introduction Session

If you want to start growing your community then you can book an intro session with us going through how to get started being a creator on Moar and how you can work with us to best promote your content!

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