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The Moar Partner Program

Updated: Sep 20

Moar's launch brings a whole new chapter of excitement to the app as we’re introducing the Moar Partner Program! This is a brand new title for those elite few show hosts that stand out from the rest.

Partners will receive:

  • New monetisation opportunities 💸

  • A verified badge on their profile ✔️

  • Prioritised Support

  • And a little gift from us too sent straight to your door! 🎁

There’s a few requirements to become a host though. You must:

  • Regularly stream content on Moar (At least once a week) 📽️

  • Be interested in growing your audience on Moar 📈

  • Have over 50 followers 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

  • Have a show with a regularly growing audience 🌼

We're really looking forward to seeing the shows you make in your journey to partner! 🤩

Apply to be a partner here!

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