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Moar Profile Update

The Profile Update is here! Profile pictures, banners, username changing, following, bios, pronouns (Gasp for air) reaction bars, menus, UI changes! It’s all here in version 0.5.1 of Moar!


This update brings all new features into Moar that allow you to customise how your account profile will look in app. 🎨

Profile Pictures/Banners

With profile pictures and banners, you can create endless combinations of cool photographic masterpieces to show your profile off inside of Moar. 👀 We’ve also added bios so you can write a short bit about yourself to allow others to get to know you… or you can write a how to guide for Elden Ring, we’re not fussy!


We’ve also added support for you to be able to change your username but be careful this can only be done once every 6 months! So try not to make any typos 😬


It’s also now possible to add any pronouns of your choosing to your profile, so everyone can express themselves publicly! 🤝 Or you can keep them a secret it’s totally up to you. 🤫

Custom Reaction Bar

Does the customisation stop there? Nope! We’ve made it possible for you to customise the emojis you can have on your reaction bar too. So, when you unlock cool or rare stickers from our sticker packs (Sneak peek blog post here) you can start using them in stream! Right now you’ll get allocated random stickers but hold tight - the sticker update is coming soon. 🤩 😂 🥶


Finally following! You can now follow other users on Moar. 🥳 In the future, following users will mean you will get notified when they’re about to go live alongside some other cool things too but we’re keeping these a secret for now. 🔔 If you follow someone right now it doesn’t mean you’ll receive notifications when they go live, but get following because it’s coming soon! Plus, this is a great way to build your audience. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Peek into the future

You may notice a few buttons on the profile customisation screen that should allow you to connect your other social accounts to Moar. 📱 This isn’t fully implemented quite yet but will allow you to link all your social media accounts to one central place in app so users can follow you across all platforms! 📈

We also have some very cool news for our current Beta testers. We wont say too much right now but be on the lookout for a certain community named show coming soon! 🤐

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