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Moar Stickers Update

Today we have launched the first phase of stickers! Collectible items in the app that will be integral to the future features coming very soon.

Stubs you earned through watching and interacting with Moar shows can now be spent on sticker packs, giving you 5 stickers of different types and rarities. There are 452 in total to collect so get opening!

Each sticker has 4 different types to collect:

BASE - Common The original version of the sticker and the easiest to collect. INVERTED - Uncommon The colours of the base version are flipped, giving a completely different vibe. It's a bit harder to collect but you should see it pop up often.

HOLO - Rare Oooo shiny. A rare sticker to find with a special holographic effect, because who wouldn't want that!?

ALT ART - Ultra Rare If you're extremely lucky then you'll get a totally different twist on the original sticker.

You can check out your collection in your sticker book and in the future, you'll be able to use them across the app including in streams!

You can get duplicates of the same sticker which will be useful for later features. Although all you can do right now is look at them - the amount of each sticker you have is being stored by us for later.

Here's a clip of us opening a pack!

Make sure to join the Discord Server and let us know your thoughts about this update and what kind of sticker packs and other features you may want to see next. Happy collecting!

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